Duende development in and around 2012…

My common workday starts at 8. Finishes at 23. Vast majority of the time between those limits is devoted… [more]

Duende development in and around 2012… Duende development in and around 2012…


Protozoa is a didgeridoo... that was an intentional little surprise. The surprise part is a beautiful… [more]

Protozoa Protozoa


This is one of our Epic ones. One of two, to be more precise. A sibling to Oldhar. Class of Avatar. Words… [more]

ArcheoAnimA ArcheoAnimA


Few didgeridoos stir the energies in the house of Duende Didgeridoo so much and then disappear so quickly… [more]

Zmayek Zmayek

“B Fantastique” – Didgeridoo 120108020310220EU

This is an ancient goddess of calming smooth drone and powerful vibrations, goddess of charm and harmony,… [more]

“B Fantastique” – Didgeridoo 120108020310220EU “B Fantastique” – Didgeridoo 120108020310220EU

Didgeridoo – the magical woodwind instrument

Magical objects are difficult to find in today’s world. Nevertheless, magical currents emerge through every possible hole, every crack, every secret tunnel that is open. Sometimes this magical stream even IS a tunnel. A special kind of music tube that forms winds and sounds. Makes incredible air creatures dance in uncountable motions and forms. This kind of tunnel is known as DIDGERIDOO. And sometimes it is forged by magic, pure magic… if you sensed this magic, would you accept it?

You have just entered The House of Dubravko Lapaine‘s Duende Didgeridoo through something that could be a magical portal. What you will find here is a world of many charismatic didgeridoos of enchanting presence and possibilities, crafted without restrictions or rules. They are waiting for you to discover them! These instruments came through the cosmic back door of this place to meet you, here, balancing on a wind between two worlds.

During the process of their arrival, of their crafting, we learned (and are still learning) to dissolve our own expectations, wishes and knowledge and thereby accept the magic of these harmonious windshapers. Visitor, please feel free to roam around and explore, listen, learn, teach, enjoy, inspire and be inspired and finally…

make a sound …

most profound.

Whatever magic you bring us, we accept it!

We present you Nirvana didgeridoo, a one piece eucalyptus instrument that is hybrid in its qualities. A mixture of the greatest instruments I have ever tried, and used. The three souls of Nirvana will allow you to play more punchy, more responsive and more textured that ever before.[...]

In Duende Didgeridoo workshop, we finally have a new tool, a new┬Ł bandsaw! Here’s what we know about it! (0. It is beautiful! We love it as a functional sculpture!) 1. It is old. Older than 60 years, but more than that we don’t know. 2. It is heavy. Probably a bit less than a […]

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