Duende development in and around 2012…

My common workday starts at 8. Finishes at 23. Vast majority of the time between those limits is devoted… [more]

Duende development in and around 2012… Duende development in and around 2012…


Protozoa is a didgeridoo... that was an intentional little surprise. The surprise part is a beautiful… [more]

Protozoa Protozoa


This is one of our Epic ones. One of two, to be more precise. A sibling to Oldhar. Class of Avatar. Words… [more]

ArcheoAnimA ArcheoAnimA


Few didgeridoos stir the energies in the house of Duende Didgeridoo so much and then disappear so quickly… [more]

Zmayek Zmayek

B Fantastique

This is an ancient goddess of calming smooth drone and powerful vibrations, goddess of charm and harmony,… [more]

B Fantastique B Fantastique

Duende didgeridoo is a place of high end didgeridoos crafted by Dubravko Lapaine and Danka Tišljar. We believe we have some unique aces up our sleeve when it comes to didgeridoo making.
Firstly, Du’s unique technical level of playing. Secondly, our didgeridoo recording experience and results. And lastly, our years of devoted making didgeridoos from high quality wood using ever developing methods.

It is the search for the best instrument for Dubravko himself – for his newly discovered ways of playing – what started the Duende Didgeridoo experimental research for the “best” didgeridoo possible. And it was continued through more than a decade of meticulous development in the field of overall playability, textures and articulations, many playable toots, inner resonances that allow playing aircode technique, astounding precision of (fast) articulations, research of super hard woods and experimental shapes…

We make one piece didgeridoos from hard, harder and hardest wood on the planet. We make them with purpose to shine both in terms of sound and playability. We make our didgeridoos with unique experience in recording and unique technical level in background. We make our instruments to inspire people to play.

We offer two classes of instruments: our original no-compromise GOLDEN CLASS and our NEW more affordable SILVER CLASS.

We invite you to visit our MAGICAL BOUTIQUE to see our Golden/Master Class didgeridoos that are available now, but also to get inspired with our previous instruments as a starting point for a custom didgeridoo made for you.

For DIDGERIDOOS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE please visit: Duende Didgeridoo Collection 2023, Autumn Didgeridoo Collection 2022 and Deep Sumo Didgeridoo Collection 2022


If you want a lot of sound for smaller investment, we recommend you visit our Silver/Apprentice Class Page starting with our first Silver instrument Kairos.

We also want to offer you a comprehensive collections of articles with collected knowledge on didgeridoo as a musical instrument and on didgeridoo playing techniques. They can help you with understanding our way of thinking and making didgeridoos and choosing your own Duende instrument.

Don’t forget to check our news blog with periodical free writings on anything connected to didge making.

If you are interested to know about our future didgeridoos and special offers, subscribe for a periodical Duende Didgeridoo newsletter.

We hope we’ll be able to inspire you on your didgeridoo path!


Magius combines perfectly so many aspects of didgeridoo playing that I find sacred in one compact package of pure didgeridoo excellence. It is our new didgeridoo model that we offer in keys of A1- D2 and vast variety of wood. This is a super high end didgeridoo that offers unprecedented level of comfort of playing combined with supreme sound and tuning [...]

Welcome to the pinnacle of our didgeridoo exploration and work to this day. We proudly present you what we find to be the most tremendous didgeridoo collection ever to be offered on sale. Each didgeridoo in the collection is a product of countless hours of didgeridoo playing condensed in the unique experience as well as […]

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