an affordable way into high end one piece didgeridoos
designed and crafted by Dubravko Lapaine & Danka Tisljar

The silver/apprentice class of didgeridoos is the new line of Duendes that we created in hope to bring Duende quality to a wider audience.

These are models based upon famous Duende didgeridoos that proved their value over time.

Rather than advertising them as “concert quality” that never played any didgeridoo concert, these didgeridoos have actually played innumerable concerts by Dubravko himself, including solo performances on biggest didgeridoo festivals. Didgeridoos don’t get tested more than that.

Apprentice class Duendes are also made from one piece of wood by drilling like master Duendes and go under high quality control inspection. Their price is significantly lower because they are repeated shapes, made of European hardwood and somewhat less attention to detail is given (in terms of additional fine tune chiselling, finishing, decorative carvings etc.). However, most people who tried them consider them also to be high end. Our criteria and expectation for every didgeridoo are extremely high.



KAIROS didgeridoo

—>KAIROS is the first model that we are releasing. It is a modified and a bit bigger “copy” of this master class Duende didgeridoo. Find out all about KAIROS model didgeridoo.

MOYTZE didgeridoo

—>If you asked me what would be the ultimate universal didgeridoo, my answer would be this. One didgeridoo that I myself haven’t changed during my professional didgeridoo career. Find out all about MOYTZE model didgeridoo.