Imagine you have a didgeridoo: that has proven its worth in countless concerts as a solo instrument, on demanding big stages that has a truly powerful punch in the sound and it is able to (almost physically) move the audience that has a very musical and strong aircode that has a deep, soothing and rich […]

Imagine you have a didgeridoo:  that has a very good, comfortable backpressure  that has great toots  with a very solid aircode  amazing for trad like textures  is made from one piece, has never been split and doesn’t have visible or invisible joint  that is made of hardest European wood species that give it richness and […]

an affordable way into high end one piece didgeridoos designed and crafted by Dubravko Lapaine & Danka Tisljar The silver/apprentice class of didgeridoos is the new line of Duendes that we created in hope to bring Duende quality to a wider audience. These are models based upon famous Duende didgeridoos that proved their value over […]

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