My common workday starts at 8. Finishes at 23. Vast majority of the time between those limits is devoted to didgeridoo. Seven days a week. 51.5 week per year. Still, with all this time I managed to write one blog on in last year. This is quite fantastic!  Seems like I have nothing to […]

Protozoa is a didgeridoo… that was an intentional little surprise. The surprise part is this beautiful shimmer it has over what would already be a rounded didgeridoo sound. First of all, Protozoa has very detailed sound. Somehow it got this shimmer, the thick roughness in high frequencies. More than what I expected, especially regarding the fact that it is not made of extremely hard wood.
This is one of our Epic ones. One of two to be more precise. A sibling to Oldhar. Class of Avatar. Words fail me in trying to present my perception of this kind of didgeridoo. ArcheoAnimA was created in the time of Oldhar, started a bit before and ended a bit after. So it is probably the didgeridoo we have been actively doing the longest… This was our journey into extreme… [...]
Few didgeridoos stir the energies in the house of Duende Didgeridoo so much and then disappear so quickly as Zmayek. Zmayek was intended to be done as Moytze II, only with several changes. Firstly, harder wood was chosen so it can reach higher into frequencies of presence. Secondly, whole bore was made bigger, so there is more bass and sub bass”[...]”
This is an ancient goddess of calming smooth drone and powerful vibrations, goddess of charm and harmony, beauty and sounductiveness, materialized in a didgeridoo. The moment you get a hold of this didgeridoo, you will feel the exceptional duality of tenderness and power it radiates. If you have read the description of didgeridoo C Fantastique this is a very similar specimen, only in female principle… [...]
The reason into venture to make this didgeridoo was further exploration of the “Archangel” shape, on smaller instruments. In this case, this exploration was very rewarding. Sound of this didgeridoo is so thick it can move a brick, so warm, so full, so dark, it is oozing with character and it is beautiful to play and look. You will recognize the effect big chamber of this didgeridoo has on the sound right away… [...]
With nickname „Royal“, this didgeridoo shines both in appearance and harmonics. It is a big D didge, with open channel, deep bell, between the class of volcano and grotto. The first thing you could notice about the sound of this didgeridoo is amount of high harmonics while having and extreme bottom end. This is one of the brightest instruments we made, and it is surprising regarding the shape… [...]
This is probably the most characteristic and charismatic Duende didgeridoo made up to the year 2010. It is the first to leave the house, and accidentally we do not have all the specifications and a proper recording. However we will try to describe the extraordinarity of this didgeridoo. Sound of this didgeridoo can be compared to the highest quality ribbon microphones… [...]
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