Magius combines perfectly so many aspects of didgeridoo playing that I find sacred in one compact package of pure didgeridoo excellence. It is our new didgeridoo model that we offer in keys of A1- D2 and vast variety of wood. This is a super high end didgeridoo that offers unprecedented level of comfort of playing combined with supreme sound and tuning [...]
I wanted to combine almost uncombineable. I wanted to combine the Stinkirum kind of kick with this speed of articulations. You see this two aspects are already getting one against the other. As it is difficult to achieve the fullness of the “kick” with very small volume…. Next… to make things even more interesting I wanted to make a deep didgeridoo that could read very well the articulations of traditional way of playing. “[...]”
Extreme Dream E was one of the most used Duende didgeridoos in my own Spring/Summer tour 2010. It was so because of its especially nice toot relations, and magnificent playability. The EDE was made as an experiment of new didgeridoo sound with good playability as an important added condition. Sound was unexpected in certain aspects. I was amazed by the amount of detail in higher mid frequencies. [...]
A 180+cm didgeridoo in D was always rather desirable in didgeridoo world. So we had to take a peek into what is there, and one nice piece that we found was a semi-opened channel, strongly conical, moderately big instrument with strong and clear drone and nice toots. The sound of this instrument is very convincing. Loud, clear, easy vocals, easy toots, strong dynamics… [...]
This didgeridoo is an example that harmonious proportions, and inner sense can put inside a tube much more sound than it appears on the outside. This particular instrument had specially good genes for this as it has a really nice old hard wood as well as design taken from the famous C which is played on Stinkirum, Lake of Awareness, The Spatialist, Valso de Sufokato, Point in Line… [...]
This was the first eucalyptus trial of how much of deep sound can be put in really small package. The result is quite expected. A bit more than expected! But let us see what we’ve got. Sound of this didgeridoo is mostly in mids and highs- compared to other didgeridoos of course, because the basic note of (very much almost) every didgeridoo is bass… [...]
This didgeridoo was made as one of the first Duende experiments. It still has a soul of a Duende, its drone is rich, toots full, and it allows vocal exhibitions. However, due to being an „experiment“ it does not have the perfection of crafting or sound as most of its siblings do. However, one thing that it beats most of them, and that one thing is not so unimportant sometimes, is its price… [...]
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