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A blend of contemporary tongue articulation practice and traditional and avantrad textures. The nature of this beast is that it likes to be pushed and then it will truly shine. Amazingly high overtones, amazing sensitivity to all tongue movements. Superloud- good for busking, very rich and precise – good for recording! [...]
Protozoa is a didgeridoo… that was an intentional little surprise. The surprise part is this beautiful shimmer it has over what would already be a rounded didgeridoo sound. First of all, Protozoa has very detailed sound. Somehow it got this shimmer, the thick roughness in high frequencies. More than what I expected, especially regarding the fact that it is not made of extremely hard wood.
La Tulipe Noire brings romance back into the world of didgeridoos.
It is gentle but powerful, big but elegant.Standing 239cm tall, thin with curves and knots it now seems impossible to drill. But it once was. It is a thin walled didgeridoo chiseled to resonate. The power of this didgeridoo overwhelms a small room “[...]”
Flying Tree Dragon is an example of such an extreme in classical conicaly shaped didgeridoo that it is very hard to describe without letting you try it. What does it mean „extreme classical conical shaped didgeridoo“? It means that FTD follows the „logic“ of relatively well known didgeridoos that have flare. But flare of FTD is so deep inside and so large outside that it breaks certain laws of playing… [...]
This is an ancient goddess of calming smooth drone and powerful vibrations, goddess of charm and harmony, beauty and sounductiveness, materialized in a didgeridoo. The moment you get a hold of this didgeridoo, you will feel the exceptional duality of tenderness and power it radiates. If you have read the description of didgeridoo C Fantastique this is a very similar specimen, only in female principle… [...]
A 180+cm didgeridoo in D was always rather desirable in didgeridoo world. So we had to take a peek into what is there, and one nice piece that we found was a semi-opened channel, strongly conical, moderately big instrument with strong and clear drone and nice toots. The sound of this instrument is very convincing. Loud, clear, easy vocals, easy toots, strong dynamics… [...]
This didgeridoo was for me, one of first proofs that there is a world beyond known didgeridoo instruments. This world was formed by Ãœber-didgeridoos, avatars, god-given instruments that blew away limits of possibility of didgeridoos, as well as all prejudices how didgeridoo should or can sound. The sound and playability of this instrument is a wonder to me… [...]
With nickname „Royal“, this didgeridoo shines both in appearance and harmonics. It is a big D didge, with open channel, deep bell, between the class of volcano and grotto. The first thing you could notice about the sound of this didgeridoo is amount of high harmonics while having and extreme bottom end. This is one of the brightest instruments we made, and it is surprising regarding the shape… [...]
This is probably the most characteristic and charismatic Duende didgeridoo made up to the year 2010. It is the first to leave the house, and accidentally we do not have all the specifications and a proper recording. However we will try to describe the extraordinarity of this didgeridoo. Sound of this didgeridoo can be compared to the highest quality ribbon microphones… [...]
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