Welcome to the pinnacle of our didgeridoo exploration and work to this day. We proudly present you what we find to be the most tremendous didgeridoo collection ever to be offered on sale. Each didgeridoo in the collection is a product of countless hours of didgeridoo playing condensed in the unique experience as well as […]

We are here to explore what is beyond the bass, what is beyond the imaginable mass that a didgeridoo sound can have or the gravity of an articulation or harmonic wobble. We are here to explore wonders of Sumo in A and Sumo in G. It is a land where aircode sustain creates a landscape, […]

Thanks for joining me for the first ever presentation of Duende Didgeridoo collection, Autumn 2022!! For more information about didgeridoos, including prices, please see the description below. If you are interested in any of the didgeridoos, please contact us at: Send Email Duende didgeridoos can also be found  at and Didgeridoos in […]

We our proud to present our newest addition to the silver line of instruments: Moytze didgeridoo – also knows as the Stinkyroom didge that has proven to be a universal beast that can handle it all! See for yourself in the video below or head to the Moytze page for more information.

In Duende Didgeridoo workshop, we finally have a new tool, a new bandsaw! Here’s what we know about it! (0. It is beautiful! We love it as a functional sculpture!) 1. It is old. Older than 60 years, but more than that we don’t know. 2. It is heavy. Probably a bit less than a […]

We have a special story for you today. At Duende Didgeridoo we meet many people who have very strong connection to the didgeridoo. We meet people who look for something special, something good beyond words, beyond marketing, beyond superficial, the real deal. In short, we are blessed to meet people who have deep connection with […]

Unlike many modern objects we can buy, and here I especially mean phones, computers, cars and even houses… instruments you can buy for a lifetime. Especially didgeridoos. Especially some of them. Didgeridoos are actually very robust instruments. Specially if they are made of artificial materials or metal (which I don’t know how to classify as […]

Changes come… We have decided to change our logo on the instruments, to make it smaller and cuter :-) I hope you will agree. Our old logo was burned with a metal stamp into the wood. And since the didgeridoo is curved, we needed to make a small straight surface on it to be able […]

We are often told, since early age, not to compare with others. And I love that. For obvious reasons this practice will keep us in balance. But I want to speak about another practice of comparison, which may not keep us in balance, but will definitely keep us in the learning process. I often, very […]

For a long time in short modern didgeridoo history, there was a hype about big bells. But we never said out loud why the hype came to be in the first place. So I will say it. Because didgeridoo world is mostly men’s world and men are funny big boys with toys, so we all […]

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