During the years of dealing with didgeridoos I learned to listen to its sound and I learned to hear many more nuances of sound and layers that I am now able to perceive individually and at the same time. I can enjoy the differences of all the instruments and find more or less beauty in certain aspects of them. Sometimes it is like having a sound massage inside…

You may have noticed that I like to test our didgeridoos a lot. The aim and consequence of which is that I feel I have a relatively realistic point of view towards didgeridoos. If you read my texts about didgeridoos they are very rarely full of superlatives and there is almost always some bad aspect […]

Hello Didgeridoo Players of the World! On our travels, meeting thousands and thousands of didgeridoo players we noticed one thing- most didgeridoo players cannot point into the sound of the didgeridoo. In other words, this means that most didgeridoo players cannot speak in terms of frequencies when referring to the sound of the didgeridoo.  This […]

We have been working on some new instruments for the last months and some of them are approaching the finishing phase. I took my time to carve and, even more, do new stone inlays. There are always new ideas present around here, so I am already thinking about different materials and techniques. We will see […]

I don’t know.
And I get this question a lot!
“What didgeridoo do you recommend me to buy?”
Of course, the logical thing is now to ask this person back: what do you want this didgeridoo for, or how much can you afford? But I am not even sure if this is the right question.
Because I remember my earlier days when I was looking for didgeridoos. I remember that there was actually a lot of confusion inside me. I thought I knew what I wanted…

My enjoyment from working with wood is becoming deeper and stronger with time. I became aware that this piece I was working on, was actually a part of a living being that was growing and living and drinking. Wood is not a material that is just “made”, it grew out of the Earth just like we are growing right now. So every piece of board we work with is full of breathing cells just like our own bodies.

As you can imagine, we like hand made things. Who doesn’t? Seriously, who doesn’t? I guess there are some people, but I don’t know them. Now question arises, why do we like hand made things? Some time ago, those were the only things available anyway. There was no story about hand made, since alternative would […]

My common workday starts at 8. Finishes at 23. Vast majority of the time between those limits is devoted to didgeridoo. Seven days a week. 51.5 week per year. Still, with all this time I managed to write one blog on in last year. This is quite fantastic!  Seems like I have nothing to […]

Our didgeridoo explorations have been leading us for some time towards The Era of Presence. This means more of the “high” information (high frequencies) to come alive in performance or in recording… To answer this question a lot of time and energy was invested. Finally, a few months ago we received a shipment of some of the hardest woods on Earth.

  I would like to present you what has changed from my point of view in my didgeridoo making in the last 10 years or so. Maybe it is a sort of a model of what people experience when they go deeply in some matter. – I used to think I know a lot about […]

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