I started carving Duende didgeridoos about 2 years ago. This is when I bought my first carving tools – very nice quality chisels for carving. I decided I liked this old-fashioned way with no power-tools, no high-speed turning and sanding tools. Something draw me more to the way of more technique, more skill and less […]

We remember the beginnings when we started to make Duende didgeridoos. It was another dimension of time and effort involvement in didgeridoo making. And in those long long hours and days of making, a question arose;
“But what it nobody will want our didgeridoos?”

Captain Lapaine’s hollow log, earth date 19.9. 2010., Cosmic ship Duende.
I have returned from my travels. The world is not as it was. There are stories, rumours, about a new wave rising. Nobody knows if it is just a small wave, or a tide that will change everything. But it already has a name.

Have you ever wondered what was the first Duende didgeridoo? I know I did. It is not a trivial question. Many of my earlier didgeridoos had sort of outstanding qualities. Yet, at some point when I got hold of my first eucalypti to realize my visions things changed. There has been a great accumulation of […]

If you have roamed around this site wondering if these didgeridoos ever see the daylight, or even more stage-light, here is the answer that gives might! Delago which is now in the new home had a nice walk in Dijon and has appeared as one of few character’s in solo concert at Rhythm Tree festival. […]

Just after the opening, Duende didgeridoo experienced and internal volcano eruption and therefore it was silent for a while. So, what was happening? Druyd was recording a new album – Dronas. It was an end of a learning cycle for Du, and now he can start all over again. You may have wondered how is […]

We are more than happy to present you a didgeridoo shop which is not really (only) a didgeridoo shop, so we don’t even call it a didgeridoo shop! This is the place to learn didgeridoo from different points of view in ways maybe not concievable before. We call this place Duende Didgeridoo, and we are […]

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