Playing position is something no player should neglect. It reflects on the quality of playing as well as health of the player. I can state the following from experience. If you play a lot from your diaphragm, and by that I don’t mean a little lot, but a lot lot, it will be much easier […]

Sometimes clean playing is like stepping on an asphalt road while messing up means breaking your way through a jungle with a machete. But after a while of this mess, the skill of nonchalant walking through the forest is gained. We will explain one example from the realms of this sidewayof didgeridoo playing, and it […]

In didgeridoo playing, a player’s body bonds with the instrument. In this bonding, the border between the instrument and the player is only relative. What is achieved by playing is actually perfect reading of the inner body, since every change of the body cavity creates a change in the entire instrument cavity and therefore affects […]

Didgeridoo is often believed to function only in the realms of its drone, which means everything you play is done through lip vibration. It is easy to show that this is not true, but where are the secret masteries of this non-vibrational-lips world? One path to go is the beatboxing path… There is nothing wrong […]

The (th)Underkick is a technique of parallel playing, done by diaphragm, to make another rhythm underneath the surface rhythm played with voice, tongue, cheeks or another front articulator of your body. What it means is there is a strong feeling of (at least) two independent rhythms going on. If voice is included, this technique becomes […]

When one plays amplified, the whole world changes in comparison to acoustical performance, even more so when it comes to recording. Let’s start with an example. You are somebody else, not you. You don’t have any personal relation to this story. So one day… You take your loudest instrument, the one you love to busk […]

“When I apply the principle of strategy to the ways of different arts and crafts, I no longer have need for a teacher in any domain.” ~ Miyamoto Musashi, the invincible swordsman   LESSONS: Playing positions Worlds between the toots Separating from the didgeridoo & the space in between Stopping the lips vibration The (th)Underkick […]

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