We are here to explore what is beyond the bass, what is beyond the imaginable mass that a didgeridoo sound can have or the gravity of an articulation or harmonic wobble. We are here to explore wonders of Sumo in A and Sumo in G. It is a land where aircode sustain creates a landscape, […]

Sumo is our vision of the next generation Duende Didgeridoo. It comes with a set of new superpowers. Sumo is the master of soft drumming, singing and old-school fat sound. At the same time, it combines incredible versatility and comfort of playing. Sumo is made in beautiful wood and sounds way bigger than its compact size should allow. It is one of the most important didgeridoos we have ever designed. “[...]”
Imagine Tibetan horn, but in wood, with more space in air column and more warmth in sound and greatly tuned “toots”. Imagine immense power and super clear harmonics. Now imagine volume that shakes the neighbourhood. You are getting there, now imagine more of everything and you are even closer. [...]
Roshi is a master of slow and fast, soft and loud, meditative and wild. Roshi is so many wishes come true: very comfortable to play, powerful with extreme predisposition for singing. It is a kind of natural didgeridoo that you don’t really need to get used to it to get a lot out of it immediately. Everything is very logical inside, but still it can take you on a ride of refining your playing and precision. [...]
Atmos is a didgeridoo that has a mellifluous, warm, rich baritone voice that is able to charm any chakra at will. Do not take that statement easily, it that kind of flowing honey that takes you away in the moment as it fills the inner and outer space. It is the feeling of breath and sound as one[...]
The Dream Spirit is a didgeridoo inspired by the original Spirit, my personal didgeridoo that I use both for my meditation practices and fast playing. It is an ultra-responsive high backpressured didgeridoo that doesn’t suffer from the common flatness problem[...]

Imagine you have a didgeridoo: that has proven its worth in countless concerts as a solo instrument, on demanding big stages that has a truly powerful punch in the sound and it is able to (almost physically) move the audience that has a very musical and strong aircode that has a deep, soothing and rich […]

Imagine you have a didgeridoo:  that has a very good, comfortable backpressure  that has great toots  with a very solid aircode  amazing for trad like textures  is made from one piece, has never been split and doesn’t have visible or invisible joint  that is made of hardest European wood species that give it richness and […]

an affordable way into high end one piece didgeridoos designed and crafted by Dubravko Lapaine & Danka Tisljar The silver/apprentice class of didgeridoos is the new line of Duendes that we created in hope to bring Duende quality to a wider audience. These are models based upon famous Duende didgeridoos that proved their value over […]

We present you Nirvana didgeridoo, a one piece eucalyptus instrument that is hybrid in its qualities. A mixture of the greatest instruments I have ever tried, and used. The three souls of Nirvana will allow you to play more punchy, more responsive and more textured that ever before.[...]
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