Since the story of Duende didgeridoos started, it has always been intense. But two very special creatures have really made the latest level of intensity!

This is the story…

Guliver was inspiring to many people who came to our website.  They say it is because of his extreme charisma both in visual and acoustical sense. We understand them. But to make Guliver was a journey which lasted much longer than usual didgeridoo making journeys – so how did we get involved into making something bigger, more complex and spectacular?

There was this piece of wood I was keeping for two of my own instruments. I liked this wood specially because I found it very good when I made Guliver and Moytze from it. I could hear it is a tree that gave life (long time before it was cut) to the celestial level of sound.  I kept this wood to make experiments for something 260+cm  long that will be able to open new space of possibilities.  And it did, but I am without both of the instruments!

We got two very special demands which combined with what I had previously in mind turned out in 9 months long journey of both Danka and me working  almost exclusively on them. For me these were reality breakers as they had to have new level of sound and appearance.  So I separated them into a class of their own. Avatar. A class of presence, not of length.

Now why were these beasts so difficult to make?

Firstly, I don’t know much about 260+cm didgeridoos. I have only made a few.  So I did not know where I can find a proper balance point of sound and playability as I know with shorter didgeridoos.  Secondly, they were chiseled deep, and deep chiseling takes time, especially with wood of this hardness. They were even drilled more than once.  Thirdly, they had old black wood with natural carvings that had to be taken care of all the time. Another point is that they have a very extensive carving work. Another point is that there is huge amount of big and small inlaying. Yet another point is that I have written stories about these didgeridoos, got one of them retold and illustrated (by the great Mr Francis Collie whose work you will see here soon)… And so this points go on and on almost to infinity.

In this one step to infinity,  we would very much like to share with you what has come up.  For start, we give you two pictures and one video of Oldhar, the Celestial Traveler - the first one to see daylight. Soon we hope to  reveal also its cosmic counterpart, ArcheoAnimA.

Oldhar is a 278,5 cm long didgeridoo, made of old and greatly acoustic bluegum eucalyptus. It is in key of G#. Made for a UK didgeridoo player of the new wave. Its first performance was on 12th February, 2011, in church of St Peter, Ipswich. Oldhar, the celestial traveller, will definitely receive his own shiny page soon, but now… Flow into the cosmos within.