Welcome to the pinnacle of our didgeridoo exploration and work to this day. We proudly present you what we find to be the most tremendous didgeridoo collection ever to be offered on sale. Each didgeridoo in the collection is a product of countless hours of didgeridoo playing condensed in the unique experience as well as the experience and expertise in didgeridoo making. Each didgeridoo is drilled and made in one piece (except some mouthpiece and bell trims). Each is meticulously hand made to the highest standard from carefully chosen wood and most rigorous didgeridoo testing in the world.

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Enter the Duende Didgeridoo Collection 2023!!

1. Magius D in Walnut

This is the last generation Magius didgeridoo in an old walnut. It boasts all the valours presented in our Magius video. Very lightweight and easy to move around didge. Matte finish soothing to the touch. Since the walnut has received some damage due to its age, the price is particularly friendly. Price is 1650 euros.

2. Magius D in Beech

Another D Magius in simple wood, but all the benefits of Magius excellence. This beech tree was taken down by the storm near our house, we cut it, rolled the heavy logs by hand and cut it on our Logosol chainsaw sawmill. We used the sawdust for our compost toilet and the rest of the wood for heating. It just doesn’t get more sustainable than this. Matte finish. Price is 1700 euros.

3. Magius D Walnut with blue inlay

Besides being a Magius, this is also one of the most beautiful pieces of walnut we have ever encountered. Further enhanced by the blue epoxy inlay. It has a sibling which will go to Didgeridoo Passion for sale. It is featured on our homepage, the Facebook announcements and thumbnail of our Magius video and will forever be remembered as “the face of Magius”. If you are searching for a Magius celebrity, this is it. Price is 3150 euros SOLD.

4. Sumo D in Bloodwood eucalyptus with Ancient Walnut trims

This is a bit bigger version of the regular Sumo. As with all Sumo didgeridoos, it has a mesmerizing drone with out of this world drum sounds, especially for soft pulsing. It has supreme aircode, magical bassy aura, thick toots and is super comfortable for playing. Sumo is also a great didgeridoo for singing as voice goes out really clear. Overall it has a great balance between bass and precision and is one of our most loved didgeridoos. Find out more. Price of this particular one is 2450 euros SOLD.

5. Magius C in Walnut – matte

Just when you thought Magius (presented as D) couldn’t get more exciting, the C is here. More punch, more toots than the base model and just overall beast for playing. Price is 2300 euros SOLD.

6. Magius C in Walnut – glossy

Same as 5, but with a very distinct beautiful brown black grain at the bell. Impeccable wood. Glossy finish. Price is 2350 euros SOLD.

7. Slim Sensei C in Azobe

Very clear drone and very precise for fast playing with easy and well tuned toots. Especially shines with microphone. SS has warm sound and with a great balance, due to this extremely hard wood it also has a lot of presence. It’s slim body is inhabited by a fantastic aircode. It is very well mannered dynamically, but very fun to take for a ride. It is easy for singing and made in this superhard red ironwood. Price is 3333 euros.

8. Magius C in Walnut -BlueBell

This latest generation Magius is all you’ve ever dreamed of. And it comes in this extremely dark walnut with gorgeous deep grain and black and blue inlays. The bell is made in ebony and blue mica powder with epoxy. This is the same walnut as the Blue D Magius, but this piece was closer to the center of the trunk. Price is 3250 euros SOLD.

9. Magius C in Ancient Walnut

Each year we treat ourselves by making one or two didgeridoos out of the biggest and most majestic walnut we’ve ever found. And this one might be the most incredible so far. The grain is deep and playful, dark and strongly demarcated. The lines resemble those of Migthy Kingwood. This instrument excels both musical practice as well as visual art in your house. Price is 3750 euros.

10. Sumo B in Walnut with Cocobolo mouthpiece

A beautiful dark contrast to the list of Magius didgeridoos. If Magius has a mature sound, Sumo has “very mature”. It is dark and broody in a very seductive way. The overwhelming pulses that are possible are not played in this sound sample, so it is good idea to explore the story of Sumo deeper . Still very playable and with huge sound, this didgeridoo brings excitement and pleasure, mystic rumbles that you’ve always been missing. Price is 2550 euros.

11. Magius A in Hornbeam – Shadowfax

This is where we’ve taken it too far. The amount of pleasure and excitement while playing this didgeridoo is almost unbearable. The way it ties together the playability, precision and sound is beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed of. Listen to the sound example, it tells a million words. Made from a big hornbeam that used to be in front of our house, and holding our swing. We had to take it down as the tree was dying, but in some way it still lives in some of our didgeridoos and we are so honoured that it is so. Price is 3500 euros.SOLD

12. Magius D in Kingwood – King Wizard

Just when you’ve thought we can’t take if further than unimaginable, we’ve put all our efforts in doing exactly that. Kingwood is incredible hard member of the real rosewood genus. It is the genus with highest pedigree as tonewood for woodwind instruments. Kingwood ties together ringiness and clarity with warmth and pure power. Heavy despite relatively thin walls as density is off the charts.. This instrument is very very beautiful in both sound and appearance. There is another layer of detail present, especially with detailed playing ;-) Louder than any other wood in this list, this is an instrument from myths and legends. Price is 6000 euros SOLD.

13. Magius C in Ebony – Dark Matter

This is the object of such power and beauty, such uniqueness and mystery that we can only imagine it can belong to a pharaoh or an equivalent immortal. First of all, it redefines black. It is the blackest object in any house. What you think is black, actually proves to be grey next to this ebony. It is like a tubular piano, except that piano is painted black and this is black in every single layer of its existence. It is heavy and powerful. It has the calmness of an alpha anything and it doesn’t vibrate the skull at all while playing. It is crisp and clear to the point of catharsis. Combines all the attributes of the magic of Magius to the appearance and sound magic of ebony, and surely earns its place of Duende Olympus. A true object of power, eternal inspiration for playing and admiring. Price is 11000 euros SOLD.

Some technical info: The Magius in D are around 177 cm long, C around 200cm long, A around 235cm long. Sumo in B is 202cm and Slim Sensei in C 206cm long. Light walnuts are below 3kg and heavy ebony around 6.6kg.

What is in the pipeline and what can you expect in near future by the end of the year?
We only have a few more Magius in B to finish, mostly in walnut, but there might be some black (magic) surprises.

Thank you so much for supporting us! We have had an incredible year, intense, joyful, sad, with a lot of devotion and work to the sacred evolution of didgeridoo. Stay connected to us and you will find out about more thrilling fantasies coming true!

Du+Da of Duende Didgeridoo