Regardless of the fact that we have been making didgeridoos for relatively long time, as we make constant changes, we find ourselves with new physics rules and conditions. These new rules and conditions are difficult to fulfill all at once, so fine adjustments are needed as the process goes on. We’d like to present our list of this year’s improvements.

1. Extra protection at mouthpieces.

Due to the fact that we have natural finishes (oil and wax) inside, extra care is needed that it withstands long hours of playing. So we increased the number of inside layers, especially at mouthpiece. We now put more than 10 coats of oil and wax in the mouthpiece area, and at least 7 coats in the whole inside of didgeridoo.

2. New “Rolls Royce” mouthpieces

Those familiar with long and deep didgeridoos and fast parallel playing know that there is usually a relationship between mouthpiece sharpness and precision and it’s comfort. Well, it seems we have found a great balance between those two! You will be amazed how new mouthpieces are comfortable. It is now comparable to sensation of kissing! But ultimately, it is the level of comfort AND control you have at the same time from your new seats of your powerful cosmic vessel!

3. New humidifying bags

We’ve done many experiments with wood and moisture. So we’ve decided to make improvements to bags. New bags are done of the same high-tech materials like best backpacks you can buy. This also includes zippers. Everything is taken into account. New bags keep humidity better which makes easier to take good care of your instrument.

4. Shape improvements

Greatest improvements are most etheric. They relate to great ratios between length and backpressure, playability and sound richness in new instruments. Also, specific frequency characteristics for didgeridoos with specific tasks. Like playing with baritone guitar for example. All these changes were done inspired by hundreds of this year’s hours spent in studio, recording and doing analysis. Some of the results you can find here: recording articles on

We hope you will enjoy the new improvements as much as we do!

Your Duende mini team-

Du & Da