Vision that drives Duende Didgeridoo is opening new possibilities of didgeridoo in this world.

It appeared at first as a holy grail to Dubravko Lapaine who was looking for his new instruments. He understood that no matter where he searched, and how much money he was willing to pay, he could not find what he was looking for. And he felt that there was a whole new world of didgeridoos,  which people have not yet witnessed, and that they dwell in a world beyond the known didgeridoo realm. He called this world “duende” as these instruments had such captivating characters and possibilities.

Now when they are here, not only as an idea, but as a material form, it is a good opportunity to share them with other deep magic sound seekers. What can become of it, we will know only by finding out, since it depends on everything and everybody. One thing that could happen is that didgeridoo steps more equivalently into the world of contemporary instruments, while keeping the enormous power of its roots -


a perfect

cosmic object.

It is yet to be experienced what these instruments can open to a person individually and consequently add to humanity.