Thanks for joining me for the first ever presentation of Duende Didgeridoo collection, Autumn 2022!!

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Didgeridoos in order of appearance:

1. Kairos – Fumigated Black Locust

This is our basic didgeirdoo model, which is extremely responsive to tongue , it is a great learning didgeridoo with very strong back pressure and great for learning the “pull”. On top of that it is very precise, has easy toots and is loud, very good for busking. More about this didgeridoo learn at: and take into account that the quality of Kairos has improved over the years. Price is 895 euros.

2. Kairos – Hornbeam with Ebony trims (bell and mp ending)

This is our basic didgeirdoo model, which is extremely responsive to tongue , it is a great learning didgeridoo with very strong back pressure and great for learning the “pull”. On top of that it is very precise, has easy toots and is loud, very good for busking. More about this didgeridoo learn at: and take into account that the quality of Kairos has improved over the years. Price is 895 euros SOLD.

3. D Sumo Bloodwood with Ancient Walnut trims

This is a bit bigger version of the regular Sumo. As with all Sumo didgeridoos, it has a mesmerizing drone with out of this world drum sounds, especially for soft pulsing. It has supreme aircode, magical bassy aura, thick toots and is super comfortable for playing. Sumo is also a great didgeridoo for singing as voice goes out really clear. Overall it has a great balance between bass and precision and is one of our most loved didgeridoos. Find out more at Price of this particular one is 2450 euros.

4. D Sumo Hybrid Ironbark with Palisander Santos trims

This is a Sumo version for those who want a bit more of precision and toots. As with all Sumo didges, it has amazing drone, out of this world drum sound, supreme aircode and as mentioned, easier toots than the regular Sumo. Super comfortable for playing, very easy for singing, very precise, more than the regular Sumo. For more information about Sumo didgeridoo, visit  Price is 2450 euros SOLD.

5. D Orkor with Pale Moon Ebony and Gaboon Ebony mouthpiece

This is the Didge of Steel, the Kal-El of didgeridoos,  a real superdidge. It brings quality that no other didgeridoo in this list has which you can already hear in openness of the drone, having more high frequencies than any other. This doesn’t mean it lacks bass at all. On the contrary the bass is served in quantities, with amazing grip, under total control. This is all consequence of the incredibly hardness, eleasticity, strength and other qualities of Orkor. The didge produces unbelievable power and presence of drone, it has supreme drum sounds, similar to those of Sumo. In terms of precison, it is in another dimension of precision for fast playing, it has next level high harmonics, god-like transient response and fantastic impulse response. It is still very easy for singing and has well tuned, quite easy to play toots, easier than the Sumo hybrid, not as easy as the Spirit.This didgeridoo is made in superbeautiful dense wood with amazing grain game and a unique mouthpiece. It is one of the very best logs of Orkor I have ever seen, very even dense grain, practically no cracks (which is very rare) and it was a real challenge to drill. Price of this unique instrument is 4950 euros. SOLD.

6. D Nirvana Sprit Hybrid  Bloodwood with Cocobolo trims

Nirvana and Spirt are out top of the line legendary didgeridoos that we’ve been making for many years and they melt into this one didgeridoo that I would dare call perfect for what it was made. It has ridiculous power, ultraloud is an understatement. But more than that it has an incredible dynamic range, which means that it can also be played very softly, quite easily. Despite its power, the drone of this didgeridoo is very full. Oftentimes loud didges can sound boxy and/or nasal and here it is not the case at all. One thing you will immediately notice is that it has supereasy toots with amazing tuning following harmonic series (octave, fifth, fourth, maj3…). Nirvana and Spirit have unbelievable “pull” response, mostly dedicated to tongue movements. It has a solid aircode for its shape and it is just great for playing fast. For example: For some example of drumming sounds listen to:  Despite this quality of satisfying most demanding technical playing, I still use Spirit for meditations as it fills the room easily with sound, and it has a dynamic range of a mythical being. Price is 3333 euros. SOLD.

7. Moytze The Ultimate Universal C in Beech

(other wood types also available)

This didgeridoo was my greatest teacher. In short it is super punchy, especially in full power drone style and with great drum sounds, 3 very easy toots and higher possible. It has a perfect push/pull balance and a very nice aircode. It is easy for singing and it is quite loud. Also, most of my YT tutorials I make on Moytze so you can be in the right tune and response. So much could be said about it and you can find much more at Usually there is a waiting list, but I have some available right now. Basic price is 995 euros, price of the one from the video is 1111 euros. SOLD.

7. C Sumo in Walnut with ebony MP

Even more mojo than D Sumo, amazing bassy drone, out of this world drum sounds, supreme aircode, thick juicy toots, super comfortable for playing and very easy for singing. Check Sumo in D for more details.. Price of the one in in the video is 1850 euros SOLD.

8. C Slim Sensei  in Ekki

Very clear drone and very precise for fast playing with easy and well tuned toots. SS has warm sound and with a great balance, due to this extremely hard wood it also has a lot of presence. It’s slim body is inhabited by a fantastic aircode. It is very well mannered dynamically, it is easy for singing and made in this superhard red ironwood. Price is 3333 euros

9. B Sumo Walnut

Possibly best balance between depth, bass and ease of playing, it is fast and fat with great manouverability. It has even more mojo than C Sumo. It crazy good impulse response that forms drum sounds, supreme aircode and is very comfortable for playingIr is very easy for singing and has easier toots than D or C Sumo. Price is 2200 euros. SOLD

10. B Honeybeast in Grey Ironbark

This is a real treat for any didgeridoo connaisseur and connaisseur to be. With a very wide spectrum, thick bass + lush highs it is almost the definition of a perfect drone in my book. It is an open shape, but in a well measured way. It is very loud, fills a big room with sound easily with its warm and soothing basic drone. Very comfortable for playing and quite spectacular for different drum sounds. It has easy toots, easier than Sumo, though it is not a toot champion like Spirit.  It has a very strong strong grip on the bass and allows you to control well complex patterns. It has very 3D, carved out articulation, easy for singing and with exceptional overall balance. Price is 4321 euros. SOLD

Note about audio: Audio was recorded with an omni capsule Schoeps MK2 into CMC6 body into Thermionic Culture Earlybird 1.2 preamp into Prismsound conversion. So it is. a very high quality audio channel which had the purpose of “documenting” rather than presenting sound in the best possible way. The sound was only dynamically put in order ie loudness differences reduced. The microphone position wasn’t optimized for each didgeridoo neither was the production of sound as it would be for an album, The point is that you can get a better sound from each of the didgeridoos when you approach the recording and production differently. The sound is a bit compressed by YT which damages some of the nuances. Everything is recorded in one take without preparation for each of the different didgeridoos, but with disturbances from kids and cats, so there are some hopefully acceptable imperfections.

Note about video: This video is recorded with two (very) old phones. This resulted in not very good visual representations of these didgeridoos. Colours may be (very) off and the grain can be changed, as sometimes it seems smoothing algorithms kick in. Everything is worstened by YT compression. If you decide to purchase any of these marvelous creatures, maybe we can improve the video quality.