We are honored that you are here.

Duende didgeridoo was created by curiosity and fascination of a didgeridoo wanderer. And so it is here to serve this same curiosity and fascination of other didgeridoo wanderers, on and on.

Duende didgeridoo is among other things a high-end magical didgeridoo boutique. That means it is not just another place to buy didgeridoo, but a place where you can enjoy the very best of instruments which were realized through this search by Dubravko Lapaine, in which sound quality is the top priority. But even this does not capture the full truth of this place. Just because you are here doesn’t mean you should buy didgeridoo. But how will you know? Look around. Read. And listen. This is also a place of learnings, teachings, sharings, questions and mutual enjoyment of the same beauty.

Duende didgeridoos are a result of a life completely devoted to this instrument. Learn about how they are made, what is the playing background of the “sound makers”, what are their classes, possibilities embedded in them… Our task here is to give you the opportunity to experience the didgeridoos as much as possible.

We know your awareness and experience will recognize awareness and experience inbuilt in Duende didgeridoos. No amount of superlatives in descriptions of didgeridoos can overpower that. That is why everything here is presented to the best of our knowledge exactly as it really is.

We stand behind our didgeridoos as the wind stands behind the mountains,


Dubravko Lapaine


Danka TiĊĦljar



The essence or What is Duende?

Making of Duende hollow wands

Chosing your Duende didgeridoo

Duende didgeridoo classes