You may have noticed that I like to test our didgeridoos a lot. The aim and consequence of which is that I feel I have a relatively realistic point of view towards didgeridoos. If you read my texts about didgeridoos they are very rarely full of superlatives and there is almost always some bad aspect presented. We don’t have “concert class” didges, we don’t have “perfect” didges, we don’t have your ideal Christmas gift. In short, my descriptions are not very flashy.

But what happens when you give a Duende didgeridoo to a didgeridoo expert to test?
And here I use “didgeridoo expert” words very carefully. But it certainly is good description for Gregory Zwingelstein, owner of Didgeridoo Passion.

Greg has been in didgeridoo world for quite a while and his passion has driven him a long way. He plays and crafts didgeridoos. He performs with different bands. He has visited Australia many times, learned and worked with Yolngu.  He has organized numerous didgeridoo workshops, concerts, lessons and has a group of his own that he is developing for a long time, he was a judge at famous “Didg to didg battle”, and spent time actively exercising didgeridoo hearing abbilities. He is the owner of the one and only didgeridoo shop in France and has visited many didgeridoo festivals … and as a consequence of all this… this man has tried INNUMERABLE DIDGERIDOOS.

We have given him this didgeridoo for a test.

And this is what is a comment from a true didgeridoo expert about the same didgeridoo:

Galaxy is a word that defines this instrument well, from the first breath I had in mind an image of explosion as a universe appears to me. This is the first time in over 15 years that I am in didgeridoo world that I come across a tool like this. I was looking for a long instrument with the ability to collect the power to play trad but with a relatively low note. Simply, this instrument has the playability of a didgeridoo in F but in C #. It also responds well to soft play low vibration vocalizations as well as the big shots of diaphragm. The roundness of toots is really impressive as well as their playability. Sequence of one after the other and transition toot / extra vibration. The implementation of the tongue play combined with deep note of the instrument gives an incredible volume just where all the small articulations are audible. And the same level backpressure, one could expect a difficult instrument but on the contrary… in short: A HUGE heart for the Little Weird Prince to take you by the hand and show you everything that an instrument out of common is able to…

(French original)
Galaxie est un mot qui définirait bien cet instrument, dès le premier souffle j’ai eu en tête une image d’explosion comme un univers qui s’ouvre à moi. C’est bien la première fois en plus de 15ans de didgeridoo que je tombe sur un instrument comme celui ci. Je recherchais depuis longtemps un instrument ayant la possibilité d’encaisser la puissance de jeu trad mais avec une note relativement basse. C’est simple cet instrument possède la jouabilité d’un didgeridoo en Fa mais dans un Do#. Il répond aussi bien aux jeux doux des vibrations faibles avec des vocalises comme aux gros coups de diaphragme. La rondeur des toots est vraiment impressionnantes tout comme leurs exécutions. Enchaînement des uns après les autres et transition toot/vibration extra. L’exécution du jeux de langues alliée à la note grave de l’instrument donne un volume juste incroyable, où toutes les petites articulations sont audibles. Et même niveau Backpression, on pourrait s’attendre à un instrument difficile et bien non… en bref: Un ENORME coup de cÅ“ur pour ce petit prince bizarre pour vous prendra par la main pour vous montrer tout ce qu’un instrument hors du commun est capable de faire…

I hope this inspires you to become a deeper didgeridoo enthusiast. To test didgeridoos and learn from didgeridoos directly. And hopefully one day, try also a Duende didgeridoo. An instrument where we have put all of our knowledge, skill and heart.

Listen carefully, the didges will whisper.