LENGTH: 177 cm
WOOD: walnut / various
BELL: 105mm
MASS: 3 kg
FINISH: waterbased PU
INLAYING: various

Magius combines perfectly so many aspects of didgeridoo playing that I find sacred in one compact package of pure didgeridoo excellence. It is our new didgeridoo model that we offer in keys of A1- D2 and vast variety of wood. This is a super high end didgeridoo that offers unprecedented level of comfort of playing combined with supreme sound and tuning.

But it wasn’t an easy straightforward path to achieve this. Let me explain. When we created Sumo, it brought many new aspects of sound and playing to our didgeridoo house and it was very different from anything else we’ve created. The biggest difference was in those air impulses for percussion sounds that were such full and perfect bubbles. Soft but firm.  Kind of rubbery with a very nice attack and overall impact. Another great asset was this bassy aura and how it shines in just simple regular playing. All that was supported by great backpressure and dynamic breath response.
The next step of thinking was to make an instrument which would be strong in the two aspects where Sumo isn’t and which are quite important to me. One is precision of playing, ability to articulate well at higher speeds and the other would be toots. If you have experience with  didgeridoo design then you might know that it is hard to improve great didges. In other words, it is hard to change something to a great design not to lose more than you gain. But this time, the magic happened.
Magius is indeed greatly improved didgeridoo in terms of toots and articulation while still retaining a lot of the amazing comfort of playing that Sumo has. In some way you could look at Magius as 70% Sumo + 30% Spirit (or 75/25 in earlier models), though this is just an image to help you understand, not the exact reality. We take our didgeridoo design very seriously and we are very picky into what we turn into models, so Magius was tested and perfected for more than two years prior to this release.
What you can expect is a didgeridoo which is incredibly versatile, somehow standing in the middle of all the didgeridoo playing techniques. If we are into numbers again I would say Magius is 60% push, 40% pull (or 55/45) which is an amazing position. Don’t get into that “jack of all trades, master of none” mindset as the way Magius comfortably sits in his balance throne is nothing short of magical. Do not expect it to be great for trad playing and do not think it will out toot the Spirit and you are in for an incredible treat what didgeridoo magic really is and what goodness it can bring to your playing.
Despite being a “model”, it goes without saying that Magius is not an off the shelf 3D printed or mass produced nameless didgeridoo without unique character to each and every one. We knew many of the trees from which the wood of Magius came from.  We choose our wood with great care. Each being unique, each being hand crafted, drilled from one piece (with possible MP extensions and bell trims), every step taken with great care and attention. These are long time developed methods, for long time developed didgeridoo, carefully tuned, inspected, tried and tested many times. Each piece got the best possible treatment, long drying period, best finishes available on the market. That being said we are always available for support should anything happen to your precious instrument. Years of being in this business, 100% committed, with many happy customers stand behind our words.
Some clarification on pricing. We listed 1800 euros as a starting price for walnuts, in D, as walnut is our common wood and D is the smallest of instruments. If walnut is a more beautiful piece from an old walnut, the price will be higher. For deeper keys, instruments are longer and prices go gradually up as the note goes down. For some simpler wood, eg beech, prices will be a bit lower than walnut, but for special woods like kingwood and ebony, it will be much higher.
I would emphasize one more incredible feat before you indulge in sound samples and images.  Many great Duende didgeridoos of past have had either amazing acoustic performance or amazing studio performance, eg Iglica. Magius is on the other hand so competent in yoga sessions, so relaxed for meditative performances, yet I would not hesitate one bit to take it for highest level studio recording sessions as it is so refined and precise in sound. The way it forms and offers transients, impulses, the spectrum, balance, precision and availability of different playing aspects is astonishing and something that very very few didgeridoos in the known universe can match.
Magius is a didgeridoo that can support your growth for a lifetime.
Testimonial from Dominik Richter, musician
My dreams of sounds came through with this didg. It’s extremely inspiring for me as it helps me to explore new sounds. Every day when I play, I find something new. I love the sound and especially the balance between bass and high sounds. And the attack is amazing. I can hear small clicking sounds. Since I have it, it’s pointless playing my old didges anymore. 
I feel the vibration of the didg while playing it. Didn’t have it with my old ones and I knew I was missing that.
Check out Dominik’s amazing collection of music works: https://www.youtube.com/@dojorich1