I would like to present you what has changed from my point of view in my didgeridoo making in the last 10 years or so. Maybe it is a sort of a model of what people experience when they go deeply in some matter.

- I used to think I know a lot about didgeridoos… now I know I don’t.

- I used to make didgeridoos for everything… now I make them with a much humbler vision!

- I used to think a didgeridoo needs no special purpose… now I know a didgeridoo with a purpose is much more valuable.

- I used to make them of two halves and never change them afterwards… now I drill them and change them by chiseling many many times.

- I used to hear one instrument from the instrument I make… now I hear tens or hundreds before I arrive to the One.

- I used to carve my instruments locally, and I perceived them more locally… now I carve my didgeridoos through long movements and I perceive them in totality.

- I used to be fast in didgeridoo making… but now I am faster!

- But it used to last a short time… and now it lasts for a long time or maybe even forever…

- I used to be quite messy in my didgeridoo making and I would leave them in all kind of states… now I literally check every square centimeter many times.

- I used to give away my didgeridoos or sell them very cheaply….but now I sell them for quite a lot of money.

- I felt people always got a good deal with my didgeridoos… but now I feel the deals are even better!

- I used to work with almost any wood I found… now I choose my wood carefully.

- I used to be impatient with my work… now there is no possibility for impatience.

- I used to have only a few ideas that I would do with didgeridoos and I did most of them… now I have countless and I have to choose carefully!

- I used to have stupid accidents with didgeridoos that I work… I still have stupid accidents…

- I used to think I know a lot about didgeridoos… now I know I don’t.