I am a sound explorer.

Every day in the past years I have been a sound explorer. What does it mean? Sound explorer means you know very little about didgeridoo sound, so you constantly explore. You explore more and more.

What I have played, what I have heard, has affected the way I perceive, it has changed the way I think about the sound of didgeridoo.

I wanted to present the most real didgeridoo sound here at www.duendedidgeridoo.com, but I came to the realization that I don’t know what is the most real sound. I thought I could be able to do it through fixed gain, fixed microphones and fixed distance in a fixed position in studio. But then I realized it is a very blunt way of presenting a didgeridoo sound. Why? Well you could say it is like expecting that same light and same room, same background and same colours fit equally well all people. And you know how people are different. Some are black, some are white, some are tall, some are small, so you get very different results within the small frame you make. Didgeridoos are maybe even more different than people. And if you feel you know the sound of your didgeridoo, just do a small experiment. Lift it from the floor 35cm and listen to it again. Then go to a room of different size and listen to it again. Completely different instrument, isn’t it? It’s even better if somebody else plays, and you just listen closely, positioning your ear where you would put a microphone.

With this realization coming strong enough I have decided to put different kinds of recording. In a way didgeridoos will sound better, but not only that. Recordings will emphasize a little bit characteristics of different didgeridoos. Like every good photo does, like every good movie does… like every good song does.. they give also another dimension about the reality they present.
I will mention the equipment I used to capture the essence of our tubical friends.

So just bear in mind not to compare loudness of recording anymore as loudness of didgeridoo and feel free to dive deep into the sound of new didgeridoo cosmic breathprints!