LENGTH: 203 cm
KEY (DRONE/TOOTS): C#-D// C#-D, A,D, F#, A,C#, D#, E,F
WOOD: Australian Euc.
MOUTHPIECE: Inner 29mm, outer 33mm
BELL: inner 100mm, outer 113mm
LOUDNESS@10CM: empty
MASS: 6,2 kg
FINISH: inner: hardwax, outer: oil, PU, wax
INLAYING: carving, paint and brass logo


Ladies and Gentlemen behold! This time we offer something really special. Why? Because we are offering a didgeridoo that was played on the most punchy song of the latest album Vibrapuls. And it seems to us that this is the most punchy didgeridoo solo we have ever heard. So this is the story…

We present you Nirvana didgeridoo, a one piece eucalyptus instrument that is hybrid in its qualities. A mixture of the greatest instruments I have ever tried, and used.
Nirvana has half of a soul of Spirit, one of the most played and beloved didgeridoos in my career. It is a kind of quality that offers very loud, high harmonic content drone, a super precise tongue attack response, and effortless toots. It is a kind of quality that you have most probably never experienced unless you have tried Spirit itself or some of its legacy. And here we speak about a response which would be common for F#, but found in C#.
Nirvana has other half of the soul from Moytze. Another super-played super-didgeridoo. It is the one that started it all in a way, in its first, white incarnation, creating Stinkyroom. This kind of sound quality brings out a nice punch and even nicer aircode than Spirit has. Together with high toots (up to 7th or 8th played in a song), it has extended melodic range with sustain. It has also a more rippled drone, leading it to the next stage of the soul…
Nirvana has and extended soul. Its last bit is able to play textures of traditional style. It is able to even “crack” the drone, which is extremely rare in a key like this. But the very high backpressure of the didgeridoo and very defined drone (lots of mids, not so much bass) give it a possiblity which both Spirit and Moytze lack.

Nirvana has a crazy amount and fullness of aircode. It is a kind of a punchiness we have never heard before, as you can hear in the recording from Vibrapuls. Nirvana is so responsive to tongue pushes that is also makes a great learning didgeridoo for aircode.

Nirvana is a very loud didgeridoo. Very probably the loudest C# you have ever heard in your life by far. Don’t get me wrong, it can be played extremely soft due to its superhigh precision and response, but if you push it will roar. And the neighbours will know and if you live alone in the forest, the wolves will know.
Nirvana has a very stable wood, which has proven to be very fine during the process of curing. We don’t know exact species, but it is very similar to bloodwood eucalyptus in all aspects but colour. The finish is very smooth and fine and the mouthpiece is shaped so that you immediately feel smooth love when you touch it. It is very comfortable to be played for long hours.
Taken this all into account it is very difficult to find any weak side of Nirvana. Even in the house of Duende it qualifies as a superdidge. It could be even crazier if the wood was harder. Bringing out more detail. It lacks some of the openness that Iglica has… but with all the possibilities it has to offer it makes us feel extremely picky to say things like that.
Considering the appearance, know that the bell has been painted, but into the carvings. So it is a 3D painting. It is also one of the first instruments that has a new brass logo. It is a very smooth finish, warm and soothing to the touch.

This is a very special deal. An instrument that has played a big role in the latest album has never been offered for sale before. Who knows if it ever will. But with this instrument we want to show how the didgeridoo world can develop, and find deeper beauty of drone and more responsive playability to the seemingly already well known instrument. This instrument showed us that we can go further and deeper into the making, and hopefully it will do the same for your playing. Enjoy.

Audio sample BASIC ( What can I hear in Duende audio samples? )

Audio sample FREESTYLE