Spring is in the air
and I want to share my feelings
more then recent workings.

My enjoyment from working with wood is becoming deeper and stronger with time.

At the beginnings wood was just an undefined abstract material in my mind – beautiful and quite stubborn to work with. I understood soon that it likes to present surprises to us. Maybe it would be in form of a knot that opens up at some point and becomes visible, or strong forces inside it that make it bend or crack or just an amazingly alive detail that you can’t stop staring at.

Than after a while I became aware that this piece I was working on, was actually a part of a living being that was growing and living and drinking for quite some time. It was growing leaves every spring and slowly slowly slowly changing and aging. Growing is the important word. Wood is not a material that is just “made”, it grew out of the Earth just like we are growing right now. So every piece of board we work with is full of breathing cells just like our own bodies.

Sometime ago I was afraid that our didgeridoos would crack. And the hard work we put into them to make them smooth and straight and shiny and and… would just be ruined. Then the person who bought the instrument would maybe be disappointed. But then I understood that also the exact moment of cracking is a proof of the mysterious and magical life force of the wood of the didgeridoo. The wood that never stops reacting to the environment and quite possibly even people and energies around it. Our experience is that wood becomes susceptible to cracking in moments of changes of environment and changes of people, even if the scientific facts of moisture and temperature stay quite the same. This is just my subjective feeling, no conclusions made…

These days I have my own inner feeling that it is possible to talk to the logs we are working on. That they can hear in some very basic way. That I can definitely imbue  certain energy into them. That we are friends. And I feel respect towards the old creatures they once were and the material they grew. And gave to us. It is just amazing what life is capable of.

And now we continue the circle with our own creative forces. So we can sing, wood and man together…

- Da