When one approaches didgeridoo more deeply, it is important to grasp all its aspects. From instruments, techniques, song making to recording, mixing and mastering. Since they are intertwined, by learning about one of those areas you also learn about the rest. Didgeridoo sound world is still a very mysterious world, not known nearly as well as the world of guitars and pianos, at least not in the classical western terms of knowledge. So if you do live and function in a western world, the following texts might be interesting to you.

A didgeridoo’s balance is mentioned very frequently. What does this balance mean? It can refer to either playing balance or sound balance. There are numerous distinctions within these two domains….

We will first deal with sound balance, and by observation we arrive to the following fundamental statement.

There is one specific fact about this instrument: it has great frequency and dynamic range.

Thus we will first discuss these two very strong and very important aspects: frequency balances and dynamic balances.