We have a special story for you today. At Duende Didgeridoo we meet many people who have very strong connection to the didgeridoo. We meet people who look for something special, something good beyond words, beyond marketing, beyond superficial, the real deal. In short, we are blessed to meet people who have deep connection with didgeridoo and deep connection to Life Itself.

And we had a wonderful surprise from the Ros family when TedDy Ros revealed to us his drawing of KaiRos. It is a drawing that presents much more what is visible to heart and third eye than to the eyes and mind.
TedDy recognized that moment was right and in this seemingly simple didgeridoo he found a a fluent connection to his inner world.

This is what it looks like:Kairos — the opportune moment for self-referential re-identification
A qualitatively significant period of time, possibly experienced as timeless, was termed kairos by the Greeks in contrast to chronos as sequential quantitative time.
We invite you to simultaneously enjoy this art and support this wonderful young artist by getting this inspiring print for yourselves! We think that Kairos Hoodie will create many good questions at any good party! ;-)

- Du&Da