Unlike many modern objects we can buy, and here I especially mean phones, computers, cars and even houses… instruments you can buy for a lifetime.

Especially didgeridoos.
Especially some of them.

Didgeridoos are actually very robust instruments. Specially if they are made of artificial materials or metal (which I don’t know how to classify as it’s actually purified earth). They can be dropped, heated, frozen, left in the rain, in time, they will endure. But most importantly this time, I think about “left in time”.

But even wooden didgeridoos last a long time. And recently I had a deep realization how wood is in a similar “time scale” like us. You see the life of average tree is a bit less or maybe few times more than a life of a human.  On the contrast the “lifespan” of a rock can be million times more, so we are not in the same time class.

And what is beautiful about wood is that humans have such strong bond with it. Recently I was cutting some legs of a table in order to revive it as they were a bit rotten. The legs were made of oak so I cut some new oak extensions. And to my surprise I saw big difference in colour. Due to oxidation oak will become black in… five thousand years or so. But I never imagined the wood would change so deeply in one hundred years or less. And I remembered my didgeridoos how they oxidate and darken in time. I was with them when they were new and almost pink…. becoming dark red brown with time… and as we age to our old age I hope we find beautiful mutual colours.

Reminding us that we are made of same life,  same flowing matter…